Parties eligible to field candidates in September’s Federal Election.

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Parties eligible to field candidates in September’s Federal Election.

With the 44th Federal election for the Parliament of Australia scheduled for Saturday, 14th September 2013, here is a list of parties eligible to field candidates on that enormous ballot sheet… In our electorate of Richmond four parties* are have candidates standing for your vote. After the list they are listed along with a link to their policies.

Australian Fedral House of Representatives
House of Representatives, Commonwealth of Australia Image: 17/06/13.
Australian Federal Senate
Senate, Commonwealth of Australia Image: 17/06/13.

(from 6 June 2013)

In our Federal electorate of Richmond, four candidates are standing:

Justine Elliot, incumbent Labor Member for Richmond

Dawn Walker, Richmond candidate for the Greens

Dr Phil Allen, Richmond Candidate for Palmer United Party

Matthew Fraser, Richmond candidate for the Nationals

The Daily has published a great article on the 6th June 2013with a summary of our four candidates’ policy positions, and around August we can expect the ABC North Coast to upload soundbytes from each candidate as in “Meet the Candidates 2010″.

Expect a very interesting election for Richmond!

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