Visit the Murwillumbah Museum web site. The actual Museum is currently closed for renovations.

The late Mr. Ron Johansen’s “History of the Tweed” in 20 volumes is a must-read for every resident. It is available at the South Murwillumbah Post Office, and the Museum when it reopens. ( I don’t see it in the Library catalogue!? 14/10/12)


The Tweed’s ‘Ausoriginal’ history is somewhat contested, with the Bundjalung people from the Clarence being officially recognised as landowners, while documented claims by local indigenous Ngarakwal – Githabul people appear to be irrelevant to the official position to date.

As always many personal perspectives are involved and hopefully clarity can be achieved soon. This could provide substantial tourism capital, as from what I understand, this valley is a nest, and Mt Warning a bush turkey, making this valley the largest totemic site on earth. Being no local myself I cannot write further,

Here are some images courtesy of Mr McKenzie, relating to the location of Murwillumbah and also the indigenous history and perspective. Keep clicking for the full-sized image.



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