The Constitution

Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act“….It’s the biggest law we’ve got!”, says Darryl Kerrigan in the classic film The Castle.

Mainly concerned with the joining of the states into one country, our Constitution it provides and protects the framework for the Australian system of government.
Browse the Constitution of Australia here.

Commonwealth of Australia – the Federal Government

Parliament House Canberra

 Australia’s federal government is based in Canberra.Click on the Australian crest to go to the Government website.
For the current membership of Australia’s Federal Government, see here.

New South Wales State Government


The New South Wales State Government is based in Sydney.Click on the NSW crest to go to the NSW Government website.
To see the current membership of the NSW State Government, look here.

Tweed Shire Local Government

Support/FAQThe Tweed Shire Council chamber are here in Murwillumbah. Click on the logo to go to the Tweed Shire Council website.

The current membership of the Tweed Shire Council can be found here.


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