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All Saints Anglican Church MurwillumbahAll Saints Anglican Church

Murwillumbah Parish is the “mother” parish of the Anglican Church in the Tweed Valley. The first recorded service was held in Murwillumbah on 26 September 1870 and regular worship commenced with the appointment of Rev’d Thomas E Fox as the first Vicar of the Tweed and Brunswick on 23 December 1886. The district was raised to Parish status on 28 July 1901.
Byangum Road, Murwillumbah
ph: 6672 3410
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Christian Outreach Centre MurwillumbahChristian Outreach Centre

Welcome to the Tweed Valley & Tweed Coast COC website, it’s great to have you visiting with us. Here you will find an awesome church with praise and worship that connects to God, inspiring preaching and a great family atmosphere.
19 Prince Street, Murwillumbah
ph: 6672 3518
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Church of Christ MurwillumbahChurch of Christ Murwillumbah

A movement of the people of God. Shaping missional churches. Crossing new frontiers. Impacting cultures.
18 William Street, Murwillumbah.
ph: 6672 3530

Duoloyi Ministry MurwillumbahDuoloyi Ministry

Philip and Sharon Eagling came to America from Australia in July of 1995, not knowing how God was going to provide for them. Phil began classes at Johnson Bible College in Knoxville shortly after arriving. Phil graduated in May, 1999, and in July, their first child, Savannah, was born.
10 Wade Street, Murwillumbah
ph: 6672 1993
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International Pure Bhakti Yoga Society MurwillumbahGiriraj  Gaudiya Math & Giriraj Govardhana Gaudiya Math

Disciples & followers of Sri Srimad Bhaktivedanta Narayana Goswami Maharaja have established a “Garden Ashram” at the foot of Hatton’s Bluff.
Kyogle Road, Uki
ph: 6679 5916
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ISKCON New Govardhan Farm, Eungella

International Society for Krishna Consciousness – New Govardhan  Farming Community

The founding Hare Krishna community in the area. The devotees at new Govardhan have continued to maintain their high standard of daily Temple worship day in, day out since 1979! Devotees there attend morning prayers at 4.30am and do various other prayer services throughout the day as per the program of religious duties (sadhana) instituted internationally by the astounding missionary work of ISKCON’s founder and teacher-by-example, His Divine Grace AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.
525 Tyalgum Road, Eungella
ph: 6672 6579
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Jehovah's Witness MurwillumbahJehovah’s Witness

Jehovah’s Witnesses are members of a worldwide Christian religion who actively share with others information about God, whose name is Jehovah, and about his Son, Jesus Christ. We base our beliefs solely on the principles found in the Holy Bible and view first-century Christianity as our model.
105 North Arm Road Murwillumbah
ph: 6672 7696
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Murwillumbah Sikh TempleMurwillumbah Sikh Temple

“What our Great Gurus Preached, Practiced and Lived is our Sikh Religion. The purpose of the incarnation of the Gurus, their Life Samples and cause for which they Died is our Glorious Religion – Sikhism. The Divinity which flowed like Nectar from their Holy Lips is our Most Luminous and Eternal Sikh Scripture called Sri Guru Granth Sahib. Sikhism is nothing else but the Glowing Purest of the Pure Lives lived by our Great Gurus in this Darkest of the Dark Age of Kalyug. ”
29 Nullum Street, Murwillumbah
ph: 6672 1104
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Sacred Heart Catholic Church MurwillumbahSacred Heart Parish of the Catholic Church

We welcome you to Sacred Heart Parish Murwillumbah!  Sacred Heart Parish nestles in the beautiful Tweed River Valley on the Far North Coast of New South Wales.   The valley is dominated by Mount Warning, the core of an extinct volcano.   It is truly a valley of contrasts from the lush rainforests to the wide patterned plain of the Sugar Cane plantations, dairy and beef cattle and tropical fruit orchards and plantations. The parish has been serving the Tweed district since 1889. Main Street Murwillumbah &
River Street South Murwillumbah
ph: 6672 1118
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St Andrews Presbyterian Church MurwillumbahSaint Andrews Presbyterian Church

The Presbyterian Church of Australia is a part of the Christian Church throughout the world. The Church’s name comes from the Greek word presbuteros, which is the word for an elder or a mature Christian leader in the New Testament. The use of the name Presbyterian reflects the Church’s aim to be faithful to the Bible’s teaching on the Church, even in the 21st Century. In its wider use, the name Presbyterian has also come to include the distinctive doctrine, discipline, worship, laws and practice of the churches which returned to Biblical standards in Europe at the time known as the Reformation.
Wollumbin Street, Murwillumbah
ph: 6672 1088
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Seventh Day Adventist MurwillumbahSeventh Day Adventist

Murwillumbah SDA Church is a church for the community. All are welcome! As a Christian church, we are a faith community grounded in the teachings of the Bible.We believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and is our guide for living a fulfilling lifestyle. The Seventh-day Adventist Church is a global network of over 14 million members located in 200 countries across the world. We also operate schools, hospitals and development and relief agencies as we believe in not only caring for the spirtual needs but also the social and physical needs of the community.
Racecourse Road, Murwillumbah
ph: 6672 4999
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Shri Chaitanya Math, Sri Govinda Dham UkiSri Govinda Dham

Sri Govinda Dham ashram is a six acre property bordered by Kyogle Road on the East and the Tweed river to the West. The devotees living here help to support the devotional lives of their community members living throughout the Tweed, in the line of His Divine Grace Srila B.S. Govinda Maharaja, His Divine Grace Srila B.R. Sridhar Maharaja and Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur Prabhupada.
Kyogle Road, Uki
ph: 6679 5541
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Uniting Church of Australia

The Uniting Church is a union of three churches: the Congregational Union of Australia, the Methodist Church of Australasia and the Presbyterian Church of Australia. In uniting, the members of those bodies testified to “that unity which is both Christ’s gift and will for the Church.
2 – 4 Byangum Road Murwillumbah
ph: 6672 4966
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