Dans Combo Diggers

Dans Combo Diggers Tweed Valley NSW Dan’s Combo Diggers provides an efficient and expert trenching, digging, auguring and irrigation service to the Tweed Valley & far SE Queensland.

We specialize in tight access work and our machinery is able to access under low ceiling heights ie; to dig out under houses, or access side paths that most larger machines cannot, so that rear gardens and landscaping works can be done by machines, rather than by hand.
The tipper truck then takes away all the sand, rocks, dirt and debris.

Machinery –

  • 1.5 tonne excavator: 1100mm width clearance
  • Earth Augering Drill – has 200mm, 350mm & 450mm sizes
  • Boxer: 900mm width, Trencher – 110mm wide
  • 7.5 tonne tipper truck: tray 2.2m x 3.6m

Dans Combo Diggers Murwillumbah