CAMS Announces CARnival Murwillumbah

The Confederation of Ausrtalian Motorsport has announced on its website that in Saturday 19th October Murwillumbah will host a fantastic celebration of motor sport and a fun-filled weekend for the whole family, called the CARnival.

  • There will be a ‘Khanacross’ where entrants test their vehicles’ acceleration, braking and manoeuvrability around the cones at the Showgrounds course.
  • There will be a contest, and a lot of seriously well looked after motor vehicles to see on display.
  • There will be a Touring event.

Interestingly in the two days prior to the 19th October, a ‘CAMS Ignition’ course will be delivered at a local highschool to pre-license teenagers, featuring theoretical and practical workshops and education in driving behaviours, awareness and hazard perception. The aim is to help them become better road users.

CARnival will take place on October 19 at the Murwillumbah Showgrounds.

CARnival Murwillumbah

CARnival Murwillumbah 19 Oct 2013, click for CAMS website



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