Now that the Tweed is accessable by road again…

We can only reflect on what might have been, so that we can better prepare for what might be…

With the Tweed River peaking just 10cm below Major Flood level at 4.8m at Murwillumbah, and many local residents being without mains power since Saturday, we can safely say that some of the Tweed’s pioneering problems are still our problems. Its obvious that preparedness is the key to this town’s endurance. Something we newcomers ought to remember is that the current site fro Murwillumbah was second-choice to one near Byangum at a higher elevation – but subject to the Oxley River being not in flood for access.

1954 flood marker Buud Park Murwillumbah

Budd Park 1954 flood marker at 7am 29th January 2013

The Tweed Shire Council erected a sign at Budd Park as a constant reminder of the potential for a Really Big Flood (RBF). The Australia Day long weekend flood of 2013 is another reminder of the importance of local knowledge and appropriate development.

Local SES volunteers were at the forefront of a Statewide response on behalf of those made helpless by the incessant, but lets face it, quite light rain. Had the Tweed topped the flood walls the demands placed on those volunteers would have increased by an order of magnitude.

Were you prepared for a RBF?


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