‘Rock The Gate’ Anti-CSGM Rally Too Big For Murwillumbah!

Lock The Gate Tweed ValleyYesterday’s hugely successful Lock The Gate anti-coal seam gas mining rally in Murwillumbah may have set a record for the largest number of rally participants ever to march around town.

This anecdotal claim is supported by the fact that the march more than looped the CBD, and would have collided with itself at the Post Office corner but for some expert direction from the marshalls.

About 4,000 participants gathered at the Murwillumbah Showgrounds from 10:00am to hear inspired speeches and watch videos on a big screen about coal seam gas mining and the Government’s actions relating to it. Local elected representatives spoke and inspired the crowd, as well as farmers who related their experience of coal seam gas mining on their own land, and their treatment by government agencies at at various levels.

The march

Rally attendees left the showgrounds at 12.30, walking up to Main Street and turning right at the Post Office, then proceeding down Wollumbin Street to Commercial Road, Wharf St and then up Main Street to Queensland Rd and back to the Showgrounds.

Participants sang, chanted, drummed and held signs and waved flags throughout the very cheerful march. People from all walks of life attended. There were old and young, RMW and tie-die, all in agreement – No to CSG. As mentioned the march encircled the CBD amply. An airplane was apparently taking footage of the march from above, but so far nothing (at all) from the march has appeared on YouTube.


On returning to the Showgrounds marchers were treated to a free concert of epic proportions with inspired speeches and excellent performances by Pete Murray, Kerrianne Cox, Natalie Paa’paa, Songs of the Haight Ashbury Stage Show, Round Mountain Girls, Deya Dova, Sounds of Earth, and many more – the music was excellent throughout.

Kerianne Cox spoke and sang with intense passion, andwas leading the crowd in a chorus ‘bora bora(?)’ when a little mini whirlwind beside the stage lifted up a yellow triangle ‘Lock The Gate’ sign and someone’s hat and whirled them around spectacularly. It was very entertaining and everyone there was already very happy, so it was no surprise when Kerrianne explained that the little whirlwind showed that the (great?) spirit was happy too.

Every speaker contributed with passion and there was 100% concensus that coal seam gas mining should never occur on the Tweed, or anywhere in Australia. The facts don’t lie.

Large paper-wrapped wrapped servings of fresh hot chips were sold at the ‘branding bar’ for $2!

Throughout the event everyone attending appeared completely in agreement about the undesirability of coal seam gas mining full stop, what to speak of in the Tweed.

EDIT: 7pm Sunday, here’s the first video of the event up on YouTube




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1 Comments on “‘Rock The Gate’ Anti-CSGM Rally Too Big For Murwillumbah!

  • It was a wonderful event, and thanks ScottMC for covering it. At one point in the arvo there was a very inspiring video clip with snippets of interviews with NSW Government ministers and clips of protestors decrying CSG, and it finished with the message that we had been sold out by government, and that only the people stood between the government/miner coalition and the ruin of our land and water. Can anyone tell me how to get a hold of this video clip? I have searched for it online to no avail. It was very powerful, and I’d like to show it to others. Thanks again! Chris, Ewing Street, Mur’bah.


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