Spring Chill Bites the Tweed, but Brings Clarity

September sky, MurwillumbahA wind chill factor that blew the heat out of some excellent sunshine swept through the Tweed this Saturday, preventing much watersport activity so far. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

On the plus side, if the clear weather holds, tomorrow morning around 6am would be an excellent time to reach Mount Warning’s summit because the very cold, crystal clear air will allow unsurpassed visibility, and a great view. Let us know how it goes.

Finally, as of today it is FIRE BAN time – . All open uncontained fires lit in the Tweed require a permit issued by the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) until March 31st 2013. Permits are invalid if a Total Fire Ban is declared.
Permits are free and are issued by an RFS Permit Issuing Officer.
(02) 6672 7888 – RFS Tweed Fire Control Centre (Wardrop Valley Road)

Visit the New South Wales Rural Fire Service page about Fire Permits & the Bush Fire Danger Period.


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